George Braithwaite (The Chief) Community Service Awards
The George Braithwaite Community Service Awards, recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of table tennis. The Community Service Award recognizes an adult in the AYTTO and NCTTA family for exceptional achievement in building the sport of table tennis. The Community Service Scholarship is a scholarship of up to $5,000 for a high school senior in the AYTTO family who is entering college and exhibits outstanding volunteerism in promoting, organizing, and helping others be better in the sport of table tennis.
PURPOSE: George Braithwaite, The Chief, was a legend in the international table tennis community. He was not only an elite athlete but also a humble person who made everyone around him better. The goal of these awards is to honor George Braithwaite’s legacy, inspire the next generation, follow in his footsteps, and help grow the sport of table tennis.
ELIGIBILITY: All applicants must be U.S. residents and nominated by the AYTTO board, NCTTA board or coaches, teachers, and parents of youth participating in the AYTTO program. All applicants must have actively participated in AYTTO activities for the immediately preceding three (3) years. Applicants for the Community Service Award must be over 18 years of age. Applicants for the Community Service Scholarship must be a high school senior who is on track to apply for or are enrolled in an accredited college, university, or technical trade school.
SELECTION CRITERIA: George Braithwaite Community Service Award: The award winner must demonstrate outstanding contributions to the AYTTO program, including helping students improve their table tennis skills and sportsmanship, or strengthening, improving, or growing the AYTTO program.
George Braithwaite Community Service Scholarship: The scholarship winner must exhibit outstanding volunteerism in promoting, organizing, and helping others to be better in the sport of table tennis. The scholarship winner is expected to participate in the NCTTA competition at their enrolled school (or to organize a table tennis team and program at his/her school if it does not yet join in the NCTTA program). Previous winners of this scholarship or prior or concurrent winners of any NCTTA scholarship are not eligible. Priority will be given to individuals who have actively supported the development of a diverse table tennis community, including participation by females and underprivileged youth.
Selection Committee: The selection committee will initially consist of three representatives, one from the surviving family of George Braithwaite, one from AYTTO and one from NCTTA. Application Deadline March 15th.
Awards Date On or about April 15th.
Disbursement: The scholarship will be disbursed by AYTTO directly to the college the high school senior will be attending.
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Celebration for the life of George Braithwaite set for October 23rd on New York’s Roosevelt Island from 10 am to 4 pm this month