George Braithwaite is one of those few teachers who is really able to communicate the basic principles of playing fine table tennis.

Before I took lessons with George I knew I had the potential to play better but I didn’t know what to do to play better.  He and I just started with the so-called basics, but with George those basics became challenging and exciting.  I learned how to hold the paddle correctly and to place my body to the left of the center line of the table. I learned to control the ball with concentration exercises of repetitive drills of forehands and backhands in various combinations. I learned forehand and backhand spin and flat strokes, and I was pleased to learn where to hold my paddle during and between strokes. He worked with me on serves and smashes, and by playing simulated game situations he taught me to think about them.

It all felt very natural and simple and clear. I understood what was necessary for me to do. Now, a few years later, I still hear George’s comments in my mind and by practicing his instructions for strokes and strategies I feel my potential has been unleashed. It is now not uncommon for me to be asked “How did you improve your game so much?” My answer is, “I took lessons with George and practiced what I learned from him.”

Diane Goodstein

Patience, expertise, and a remarkable teaching ability: that pretty much sums up my opinion of George Braithwaite. I started taking table tennis lessons with George as a beginner several years ago. As he has taught me the proper execution of various strokes, he has worked to strengthen my weaknesses and improve my strengths, constantly repeating instructions as I try to internalize them. He has also taught me various game-winning strategies and has helped me analyze my mistakes with the aim of not repeating them. Working with George has stood me in good stead in the women’s league to which I belong and in which my work with him has been the chief reason for my advance. He always manages to make my lessons with him enjoyable, energizing, and something to look forward to. It would be difficult (perhaps impossible) to find a table tennis coach who is better than George.

Joanne S. Ainsworth

I would like to mention Mr. George Braithwaite’s unsurpassed coaching skills and his dedication to the game of table tennis.  Recently, I have had a privilege to have a coaching session with Mr. Braithwaite.  Throughout this session, I have been able to observe his unrelenting passionate desire for the game of table tennis.  He truly coaches with tremendous passion supported by superior coaching skills acquired through many years of experience.  I am very glad to have been able to get to know Mr. Braithwaite on both personal and professional levels.  His humanistic, compassionate approach to every student is highly commendable.

Kevin Ray

“The Chief’s” coaching style is fantastic.  His emphasis on game strategy is an often overlooked part of the game.  My style of play has improved drastically after I started taking lessons from him.  He has improved my forehand spin and backhand counter immensely.  But most of all, my confidence has increased tenfold because of his coaching, which, as The Chief says, is just as important as the physical aspect of the game.   Thanks George!

Luz Maria Brissett

George Braithwaite is a splendid teacher.  He turned my erratic Forehand and Backhand efforts into consistently reliable shots after correcting my Grip, Stance and Stroke.  George declares, in addition, that to succeed in Table Tennis, one must be able to serve effectively and return serve with consistency.  The way to improve is to practice, practice and practice some more.  That is the principle that lies behind the coaching skills and development program that George is initiating.  He is a superb technician and a credit to the sport of table tennis.

Jim Baehler

George Braithwaite (aka “The Chief) is an amazing person, player, and coach.  He is an extraordinarily articulate and generous person.  As a player, he is possibly the most decorated in US history.  He played on the National team that President Nixon sent to China and has won more US Open and US national Championships than any other player.  I am a fairly good senior player.  When I practice with George, I know how high the bar is for me to be really competitive.  I really respect his advice and have become a better player following it.

John McFadden

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