The story of USA Hall of Famer and former Caribbean men’s singles champion famed Guyanese racquet wielder George `The Chief’ Braithwaite

From the 2015 US Open Las Vegas!

The ChiefHello Everyone,

This is the CHIEF. I’m back from Vegas and the US OPEN where I experienced having fun, meeting old friends, making new ones and having strenuous moments of activities because of TOO many events in which I participated. This caused me to have a fourteen and six performance which under more normal circumstances could have been twenty and zero. I am happy to say however that I did win three events regardless.

My reason for this comment is not really about me BUT rather to express and extend a most heartfelt and sincere note of CONGRATULATIONS to Gordon Kaye, Andrew Horn and all other members of the Organizing Committee that accounted for promoting the most spectacular US OPEN ever… especially taking into account the GRAND FINALE which had the appearance of a Hollywood Movie in Technicolor with outstanding sound effects that left everyone asking: WHEN IS THE NEXT US OPEN?

The Finale to which I refer, was held at the fabulous OMNIA NIGHT CLUB at fabulous CAESARS PALACE. Needless to say, Adam Bobrow was at his usual best as commentator with an unexpected introduction during intermission with kids running around the table while being fed multi ball by Kanak Jha that resulted in an eventual winner who did not miss a single go around. Praise is also extended to David Sakai, Dan Seemiller, Sean O’Neill, Dean Johnson and Stellan Bengtsson all of whom officiated in some way–also enabling USATT to make this championship a success as well as recently winning the Bid to host the World Veteran Championship in VEGAS in 2018.

The future is looking brighter than ever, folks, with a brightly shining star at the end of the tunnel. I could elaborate much more with a loud and clear message but I would rather leave the rest to your imagination. Thank YOU.
P.S. Gordon, many times I observed you running back and forth… bent over (obviously exhausted) and yet you managed to PICK UP 73 RATING POINTS! …WOW!

George Brathwaite Hello Folks, In my recent POST extending praise for many who accounted for the wonderful promotion of the US OPEN, I was remiss by not saying that
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